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Need instant access to millions of potential buyers? --
Take Your Network Marketing / Sales Company Online Today!

Rather than simply thinking of ways to get more customers into your store, start thinking of ways to get your products or services out to more consumers.

One of the best ways to gain more buyers and increase revenues is to sell through selfexpanding web based multi level distribution channel.

With Web-based Distibution Channel Management System you instantly can get 100s, 1000s or more websites worldwide selling your products and/or services and/or opportunities costing you not a dime in advertising NOR risking any of your hard earned profits!

Affiliates can sign up instantly - and you can in a short period of time have an army of affiliates [of unlimited size] selling all your products, services and more worldwide in no time...

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Success Storries


Retail Success Stories

There is nothing more encouraging to business owners as hearing about a retail success story.
Network of on line factory outlets built over Canteco.NET Distibution Channel Management (DCM)  is such a kind.

Virtual Factory Outlets network buit by Canteco.NET DCM

For several years it successfully sells two categories: Major Home Appliances and  Visual Art Products.

Network includes multiple independent  e-Commerce websites like

and others.

Benefits for Consumer

Plenty of Reasons to Shop On line
  • "Even though the economy is better off now than ayear ago, people are watching how they spend their money," said Grau,"and the Internet is ideally suited to compare prices and find deals."
  • On line shopping also means no traffic jams, no scrambling for a decent parking spot -- and you can do it while sipping hot chocolate.
  • "People are going on line because they're less wiling to stand at the store at 5:00 in the morning in the cold," said Grau."Plus, they find products on line they don't find in the store."

Benefits for Manufacturer

  • Powerful, fast and efficient marketing and communication tool and medium.
  • Minimal startup time & investment. Search engine optimized websites pay themselves off very quickly as long as they provide customers with valuable products or services.
  • Very inexpensive way to reach new markets and interact with them.
  • Dramatically reduce inventory and carrying cost -cost of holding inventory.
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