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Need instant access to millions of potential buyers? --
Take Your Network Marketing / Sales Company Online Today!

Rather than simply thinking of ways to get more customers into your store, start thinking of ways to get your products or services out to more consumers.

One of the best ways to gain more buyers and increase revenues is to sell through selfexpanding web based multi level distribution channel.

With Web-based Distibution Channel Management System you instantly can get 100s, 1000s or more websites worldwide selling your products and/or services and/or opportunities costing you not a dime in advertising NOR risking any of your hard earned profits!

Affiliates can sign up instantly - and you can in a short period of time have an army of affiliates [of unlimited size] selling all your products, services and more worldwide in no time...

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Content Management System

Content Management Framework (Canteco.NET CMF)

Imagine the convenience of being able to update and maintain your website without having to call your web developer every day. Canteco 's goal is to create techniques to run your business in a time efficient manner so less time is wasted on maintenance and more time can be devoted to sales.

CMS is the secret to managing your web application costs and increasing ROI! Content management systems or CMS, allow clients to continually revitalize their web site and manage content without any knowledge of web development. Our content management tools will turn your once static corporate web site into a dynamic, evolving marketing device. With the ability to upload fresh content and real-time information on your web site, you're creating value for the end-user by capturing their interest and stimulating interaction. More hits means higher rankings on the search engines…which leads to more traffic…which leads to more business!!

Content Management Tools Benefits:
  • Non technical employees or company owners can easily manage the web site
  • Content remains fresh and appealing, encouraging target market interaction • Easy functionality permits better web site information control from a central database
  • Ability to better manage design and development to incorporate corporate branding message
  • Easy integration allows database driven content to be posted on the Internet and Intranet's
Maximize your time!

Each company is different, especially concerning their web site objectives. At Canteco we are a professional web design firm which provides proper insight into each specific project. We will advise you on the most cost-effective approach in developing your web project. And while most web site design and updates are costly and time consuming, our web developers have the expertise to minimize costs and maximize results.

Adding a content management backend to your e-commerce application allows you to manage your product with ease and increases time management so that you can focus on customer relations and product development. You hire us to make your lives easier and that's exactly what we acheive when establishing a complete dynamic backend solution for your online presence, beginning with your hosting server, to your database development, to maintaining your website and/or online store.

So if you need, or would like the option, to regularly update your web site with images or content, Canteco will provide you a proficient content management tool system suited to your particular specifications. It will enhance the credibility of your business and improve the competence of your web site design, development professionals, and site management team.

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