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Need instant access to millions of potential buyers? --
Take Your Network Marketing / Sales Company Online Today!

Rather than simply thinking of ways to get more customers into your store, start thinking of ways to get your products or services out to more consumers.

One of the best ways to gain more buyers and increase revenues is to sell through selfexpanding web based multi level distribution channel.

With Web-based Distibution Channel Management System you instantly can get 100s, 1000s or more websites worldwide selling your products and/or services and/or opportunities costing you not a dime in advertising NOR risking any of your hard earned profits!

Affiliates can sign up instantly - and you can in a short period of time have an army of affiliates [of unlimited size] selling all your products, services and more worldwide in no time...

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Solutions - Brief_all

Web-based Distibution Channel Management (Canteco.NET DCM)

What Exactly is Canteco.Net DCM? Distibution Channel Management System, also known as Canteco.Net DCM, is the world's leading Web-based software solution for Network Distribution Channels, including MLM and affiliate programs.

It removes the barriers of traditional multilevel marketing management and offers the quality and robustness of expensive software packages at a fraction of the cost.

Canteco.Net DCM is the right solution for any sized business.

Canteco.Net DCM provides complete web-based management solution  for various types of network distibution channels like

  • Affiliate Agent Network
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing, Direct Sale)
  • Agents
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers

How does it work?

We host your Distribution Channel program for you on our ultra fast servers.

We host your full-featured eCommerce affiliate sites as well.

This is why your benefits are:

  • no installation or maintenance of software required by you
  • lifelong free updates to the very latest version, with all the very latest features
  • Free monthly backups of your affiliate statistics
  • Much lower setup costs
  • a domain of your choice such as for each of your affiliate site
  • FTP access
  • and many others.
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Complete  Affiliate Management Solution

What does it do

In a nutshell Canteco.NET DCM runs your affiliate program from top to bottom with the payment processor and shopping cart for EACH affiliate website.

If you want to start your own affiliate program, and you want to reward your affiliates for sales trough their web sites, Canteco.NET DCM is the right tool for you. It is intuitive, fast and effective, and endlessly extendable, so it can grow with you.

Canteco.NET DCM will automate your whole affiliate program. It will help you recruit and manage your affiliates, give each of them a ready-to-run e-Commerce web site with marketing and promotional tools to promote your business, directly sell your products and/or services, and much more.

Who can use it

Any merchant or business who wants to start his/her own affiliate program. Managing and tracking your affiliates sales in is easy and simple with Canteco.NET DCM automatizing most of the tasks.

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Complete  Solution for network marketing (MLM) business

Surprisingly enough, starting your own MLM (network-marketing and online sale) business costs less than becoming a distributor for most of the existing network-marketing companies! Our unique payment structure allows you to start your own Internet business for FREE and pay us AFTER you get paid!!!

Canteco.NET DCM  is the most powerful yet cost effective solution for MLM Start-ups.

Within a matter of minutes, you yourself can also obtain a turnkey web based tool that will help you to initiate and manage your entire business.

Some of Our MLM Management System features:

  • MLM Software Multi-Lingual
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Members Replicated Website
  • Members Private Back Office
  • MLM Genealogy Report and Real Time Downline Viewers
  • Commission Calculation and Commission Payment Engine can handle any commission plan type, Binary, Matrix, Stairstep Breakaway, Unilievel and hybrids. We build to your specification including powerline.
  • Advanced MLM Personal Account System
  • Auto Prospecting / Email Marketing Tools
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